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Restauranting–a novel idea.

2011 September 14
by Dylan

So, over the next few months or so, my friends and I have decided to start doing weekly restaurant visits around Madison. Every week, we’ll check out a new restaurant and write it up, with pictures, a grade of some sort, and a lengthy review. Our first stop was Taste of India, which we visited last Sunday. I’ll try to get the review up in the next couple of days–including input from our new group of bloggers (more to come on this later)! We’ll also put up a schedule/spreadsheet of where we plan on going, and to see if any of the people who read the blog have any suggestions!

To anyone reading this–if you’d like to get in on our weekly culinary exploits, just contact me. We’re more than happy to add to our group! After all, who doesn’t love food?




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  1. December 10, 2012

    (Belated) Neat! Looking forward to reading more restaurant news.

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