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Red Sushi: Save your money.

2011 October 12
by Dylan

I’m sitting in my Legal Writing class, listening to the soothing, accusatory tones of Justice Scalia as he peppers attorneys with questions, and I thought that I’d multitask and write up a review of last week’s trip to Red Sushi. This restaurant had come highly recommended by a number of friends (from the Midwest), so we were pretty eager to make the trip and check out the quality.

A little background on my experiences with sushi: I (Dylan) will eat any sort of sushi…I simply love it. Grocery store, restaurant, street cart–I could care less. Sushi is delicious! However: Last year, after harassing my parents for three straight years, I finally got a chance to go to Nobu, the legendary SoHo sushi joint in NYC. My perception of “good sushi” was forever changed–the quality was superb, and at $40/person (for lunch!), it certainly wasn’t cheap.

Now, onto Red Sushi. We each ordered 2 rolls and shared everything. The total, with tip, was about $20/person. For dinner, not a bad price at all. Click below for the full review!

Dylan, with Mary, Kenny, concurring: Honestly, I found the quality of the sushi to be average, maybe even sub-par. We ordered rolls with crab, shrimp, tuna, salmon, and a few other kinds of fish. From what I was tasting, I didn’t find the sushi to be particularly fresh. Further, it seemed to me that there wasn’t much fish included in each roll–they seemed far more enamored with putting in massive chunks of avocado and cucumbers instead of the fish, which is simply not what sushi is about.

Now, on the positive side, my favorite roll of the night was the “Amigo Roll”–fresh yellowtail tuna, jalapeno pepper and avocado, topped with cilantro. It reminded me of a great tuna and jalapeno dish I had at Nobu (what a positive!). Besides, my obsession with cilantro certainly helped the enjoyment of this dish. If, for whatever reason, you decide to go to Red Sushi–get this roll. All week I’ve been debating what to give the restaurant, and I have to say that my grade for it has been declining–for the price we paid, I simply expected more. Overall, I’d give Red Sushi a C+/B-, and suggest going elsewhere for sushi.

Amy:  My grade is a solid C+. One word summary: meh. The restaurant itself is pretty small, but has a massive menu. The menu has your standard rolls at decent prices (California, Spicy Tuna, etc) and then fancier rolls, commonly ranging from $12-14.  We decided to each choose one basic roll and one fancier roll and split them amongst the group.  The sushi is decent. Honestly, if I had to compare sushi picked it up from the sushi stand at Metcalfe’s and the sushi here, I am not sure I could tell them apart.  The fish was OK, not super fresh.  I would not get sashimi from there.  It was all just pretty… blah.  For $12-14 a roll, I expected fresher fish, or some really awesome combos.  They all came up short.  The shrimp tempura was just… OK. Dylan’s criticism about the fish/filling ratio is true.  The Wild roll (double fish plus avocado) was also just OK. Fairer prices would be maybe $8-10 a roll for the fancier ones. Two other gripes: this menu uses a lot of cream cheese. Ugh!  It also features escolar. What is that?  A fish known to create gastroenteral distress.  Why would a restaurant put that on the menu?! We did not try it. For $20 as a final bill, I expect more. I am going to stick with my Madison sushi standby, Sushi Muramoto, in the Hilldale Mall.

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  1. Mary permalink
    October 12, 2011

    What an awesome photo, though!! =]

  2. October 15, 2011

    Don’t forget Mary and I are concurring hahahah

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