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Monday Morning Tidbits and a Restaurant Review–

2011 November 7
by Dylan

So, apparently, these odd elf boots are now “in” here in Madison. I’m still deciding whether or not this is an improvement over Uggs, which haven’t been in style on the East Coast since 2009. Regardless, I saw at least 10 people on my way to class this morning wearing them. They look bizarre. My advice? Stick with the full-fledged boots.

This whole “Occupy Wall Street” movement has really been getting on my nerves. These people have become the Left’s version of the Tea Party, and most of their ideas are actually more illogical than the Tea Party’s. Honestly, I didn’t even think this was possible. They need to stop misplacing their anger and focus on Congress, not Wall Street. These investors are simply doing their job and, more importantly, they employ thousands of Americans. You can call it greed, but I certainly wouldn’t want to work if I was losing 70% of my salary to taxes.

I will be attempting to make meatballs tonight…more standard American fare. Hopefully I can create something halfway-decent, right? Regardless, I’ll be sure to post the recipe…unless it tastes like garbage. Click below for a review of Francisco’s Cantina, a tiny Mexican restaurant right off the capitol square–

Anyways, our restaurant review! Francisco’s Cantina is a small, recently-opened Mexican restaurant that’s owned by the nephew of the woman who owns the fantastic Tacqueria Guadalajara, located on South Park St. It’s sparsely-decorated and is rather unassuming from the outside and inside. The food, however, is quite excellent.

We ordered a wide variety of dishes. Mary got the carne asada (pictured), Kenny got a variety of tacos, and I got a few tacos and a gordita. Just as a side note–the tacos are $1.69 each. That really is a superb deal.

Dylan: I really, really enjoyed what I had. The tacos I got were pastor (pork), chorizo (spicy sausage) and chicken. The gordita was steak. Everything was excellent. They really deliver them authentically–no salsa, but they have fresh corn tortillas, and the meat is topped with onions and cilantro. You can also get sides of sauce/salsa–tomatillo or hot sauce, both of which were quite good. On the topic of salsa–you get a bowl of chips and salsa prior to your meal (as is standard). The chips were fresh and warm, and the salsa was fresca-style–very fresh and absolutely delicious. The highlight of my meal had to be the pastor tacos–they were superb. Perfectly-seasoned pork that simply knocked the ball out of the park. I know that Kenny has a different view on the chorizo, but I’ll let him elaborate on that. Regardless, I loved everything. Francisco’s gets a solid A in my book, and you certainly can’t beat the price!

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