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The Farmers’ Market is BACK!

2011 April 16
by Dylan


It’s a gloomy day in Mad Town. I almost feel like that’s God’s way of shitting on us for allowing Sarah Palin  to come and host her silly Tea Party rally. My money’s on the counter-rally being much, much bigger. Can’t she just go back to Alaska and leave us all alone?

ANYWAYS, and more importantly, that didn’t stop me from getting my ass to the farmer’s market this morning! Produce were scant, but I picked up whatever I could–fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and a mini cucumber (because hell, why not). Also here, we’ve got a loaf of fresh, whole-wheat sourdough bread, 8 year-aged Hook’s cheddar, and a dozen ungraded, Amish eggs from Sparboe Farms (which taste AMAZING!). Have at it. Hopefully the weather puckers up for next week’s trip to the Capitol Square!

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