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Saturday Night Fever[ish Thoughts]

2011 November 26

Occasionally, I’ll take a break from writing about food, restaurant reviews, and beer and blab about totally random topics. This is definitely going to be one of those posts (although I will, of course, include some tidbits about said things).

First of all–Congratulations to the Badgers for their absolutely dominant win against Penn State today! I’d love to insert a joke about the Nittany Lions getting assaulted like a 10 year old boy in a locker room, but I’ll refrain. Oops.

Rolling Stone came out with a  new “100 Greatest Guitarists” list. Jerry Garcia was not in the Top 10. He was not in the Top 20. Garcia was listed at #46. Yes, that’s right–46. Garcia, who many would argue is one of the greatest of all time, was not at the top of the list. Hendrix at #1? I’d agree with that, but not putting Garcia in the Top 10, let alone the Top 5, is an absolute embarrassment. Rolling Stone, you’re dead to me. Your pages will now only be used as toilet paper. Horrible, horrible toilet paper.

Now, onto Thanksgiving–the picture for this blog post is, after all, a turkey. This year, I flew into Syracuse. Our families rotate who has the holiday every year, so I headed to upstate New York for this year’s turkey feast. Let’s start with the fun stuff–I woke up Wednesday morning with horrible stomach cramps. After they didn’t go away, I went to the urgent care clinic. To make a long story short, I returned to Madison without an appendix. Awesome, I know. Here’s a recap of the conversation I had with the surgeon in deciding to figure out whether or not to hold off for a few hours on the surgery:

  • Me: Well, I have a few questions to ask first.
  • Dr: Shoot.
  • Me: When will I be able to eat?
  • Dr: Probably an hour or two after the surgery. You’ll be eating normal foods by the morning.
  • Me: Great. Will I be able to drink (alcohol) tomorrow?
  • Dr: I don’t see why not.
  • Me: Will I be out of here in time for the Packers game?
  • Dr: Pending any complications, absolutely.
  • Me: Alright man, yank this fucker out.
Appendix removed, out the next morning and back to my relatives’ house in time for the Packers game. All in all, pretty great. Now, notable Thanksgiving food and drink items:
  • Mango spring rolls with peanut sauce–they’re a winner every year, and I always look forward to them. Cilantro, mango, mint cucumber and basil make this one superb appetizer.
  • Stuffing made with wild rice, sage, parsley, chestnuts, apples and sausage–uh, obviously a winner.
  • Chocolate Mousse pie–it’s better than pumpkin for dessert. Seriously.
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale–as usual, I nearly shit myself when I found out that it was out! First thing I did when I got back to Madison was to buy a 6-pack of it. Delicious, fresh-hopped goodness.
  • Some Belgian Kriek–Kriek’s are sour cherry ales, and aren’t for everyone. Whatever we had, though, was wonderful. I recommend this nameless beer.
Alright, I guess that’s all I’ve got. I’ll put up a review at some point this week of our trip to Cafe Porta Alba (hint: it was amazing). I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
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