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My parents first became acutely aware of my love for food when, apparently, I asked to go to an Indian restaurant for my sixth birthday. I guess this was a bit of a divergence from the typically requested trip to Chuck E. Cheeses or Discovery Zone (they went bankrupt), but they were thrilled. Honestly, it can only be expected from parents who used to throw chicken curry into a food processor and feed it to me as baby food.

Growing up so close to New York City (*sigh*, NJ), great food was always a quick train ride away. From 6th Street (affectionately known as “Curry Row”) to Little Italy to Chinatown, I always made sure to make the most of my eating escapades whenever taking a trip into the city. Naturally, this translated directly into the kitchen, where I began experimenting as much as possible. If I could go out to a restaurant and eat these amazing, incredible dishes, why couldn’t I make them, too? It was the start of a long, exciting journey, some of which is not documented in this blog!

My work for the Brewing News helped foster my love of beer–lots of people give the United States a bad rap, but realistically, the only country that may produce better beer than us is Belgium. The USA has become the pioneer for so many different, radical kinds of beer–the West Coast IPA, Pumpkin and pepper ales, wet-hopped beers…the list goes on for a long time. My advice? Try them all.

I just finished up four very long years in Wisconsin–three of which were devoted to law school. Yeah, law is fun and all that, but the food out in Madison was incredible. The past few years have really helped me appreciate the “farm to table” movement and have further allowed me to cultivated a deeper understanding of why it’s so important to shop local. That’s right…I’m a locavore. Do not call me a hipster. I lack the tight jeans and absurd facial hair.

So, now I’m back on the East Coast and living in the greatest city in the world (NY, obviously). Only time will tell what the future holds, but one thing’s for certain–it’s going to be filled with food. Until then, time for a Russ & Daughters’ Heebster (on a bialy!) and a bun from Golden Steamer. Stay hungry, dear readers.

– Dylan